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Locate, Visualize and Document building problems including heat and energy loss, defective insulation, energy efficiency and other problems. Infrared thermography, building diagnostics and energy audit company in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
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Infrared Technology is today's fastest and most cost-effective way to diagnose and control quality of building structures with use of most innovative methods, standards and best practices of construction industry in 21st century

Increase Property

Operational Life


Maintenance Costs

Save Energy


Systems Breakdowns

Real case study of Air Leakage
Real case study of Air Leakage

Real case study of Air Leakage

Low-rise wood-framed residential complex in the Pacific Northwest, air leakage was the cause of huge  damage, which required complete envelope rehabilitation.

View from the outside and view of the  internal part of the wall without cladding. Widespread moisture and mold had destroyed the internal part of the wall.

(Air Barrier Management. Fact Sheet NEES, July 2011)

It's Never Late to Diagnose Building Problems...

Vast majority of modern buildings are extremely energy inefficient. Unfortunately heat losses are not visible using usual building inspections. Heat is leaking through walls, corners, roofs... It costs millions of dollars to budgets of cities and thousands of dollars to budgets of each individual...and this is not simply just a waste of money...


Heat loses are always accompanied by other problems such as moisture intrusion, air leakages and resultant moisture accumulation, lack of insulation, air infiltration and exfiltration, condensation, mold contamination, Indoor Air Quality  problems...


As a result there are accelerated degradation, reduction in life-cycle of the building structure and rising cost of its maintenance and repair...

ALLCORE Group Inc real case study of excessive heat loss and thermal  buildings performance (Ontario, Canada)

ALLCORE Group Inc real case study of excessive heat loss and thermal  buildings performance (Ontario, Canada)

Our Diagnostics of building structures provide effective detection and hence timely elimination of "Root Building Problems" before they have led to severe degradation

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Inspections of our company have wide range of applications: from survey when buying or selling property to documenting commissioning procedures of newly built building structures

We are sure that among our services you will find inspections and services that fit your needs and requirements

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Practical Benefits of Our Services

# 1

✔ We See and Diagnose What Human Eyes Cannot See

Visual non-diagnostic inspections can only identify about 10% of existing building problems. The rest of problems are hidden to naked eye and instrumental methods of diagnostics should be used for their identification

We offer services to visualize, document and analyze various types of  "root " building  problems such as:

excessive  heat and energy loss

defected, damaged or  poorly performing insulation

air-leakage,  moisture  intrusion and potential mould

moisture  condensation


ice  damming

voids  in  materials

thermal  bridging

electrical faults

HVAC defects  of  insulation

structural performance

deterioration of facade materials

latent defects of radiant floor and ceiling heating systems

inert gas filled windows faults

exterior cladding system faults

air barrier faults

deficiencies in CMU walls

plumbing leaks

biological infestation

thermal comfort problems

"sick building syndrome"

... and many more

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# 2

✔ We Service Needs of Building Owners and Industry Professionals

If you currently own or interested in a property and would like to get unbiased adequate information about property's condition done by reliable third party specialists - contact us today!


We work with:

 building owners

property managers

buyers and sellers

real estate professionals

property appraisers

insurance companies

building contractors




government and municipal control authorities

lawyers and investors

ALLCORE Group Inc Instrumental Buildings Diagnostic Services enable building owners and construction industry professionals to locate problems, verify building performance and validate solutions

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# 3

✔ Our Services Have Wide Range of Practical Applications

We offer wide range of services tailored to specific customer needs from various industries and sectors

Buy/Sell Property Surveying

for Current Owners and Potential Buyers


for Builders, Construction and Audit Authorities

Property Certification and Forensic Inspections

for Insurance Companies

Monitoring and Real-Time Testing Systems

for Property Owners and Management Companies

...and many more!

for Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial sectors

See our full list of Services here

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# 4

✔ Our Services are Based on Best Practices and Government-Approved Standards

Our Standards of Practice cover various Standards and Guidelines including but not limited to:


Ontario Building Code, Applicable Thermographic Industry Standards and Best Practices including CAN/CGSB, ASNT, ASTM, Canadian NMS, RESNET, NAIS, Public Works and Government Services of Canada Guidelines, Guidelines of Ontario Association of Architects and CMHC as well as our Internal Best Practices...

ANSI American National Standards Institute
ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASTM International Standards Worldwide
CSA Canadian Standards Association
ONGS CGSB Canadian General Standards Board
ISO International Organization for Standardization

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# 5

✔ Our Services offer Fastest, Safest and Most Cost-Effective Method of Diagnostics

Our System of Building Diagnostics Mozaic System™ is a progressive, fast and cost-effective way to diagnose and monitor quality of  building structures.

Our system allows to develop and execute unique inspection project tailored for each client based on analysis of Roots Building Problems using various methods, equipment, standards, taking into account building type and purpose of the inspection. This allows to best meet customer needs and inspect each building structure the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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# 6

✔ Our Services Make Your Property Your Investment

Buildings of all sorts from homes and factories to high rises can be troubled by problems related to design, construction and maintenance that can be difficult to detect and resolve. With age problems are progressing and turn building first into a wrecked structure...and then to the emergency

Our Diagnostics of building structures provide effective detection and therefore timely elimination of "Root Building Problems" before they have led to severe degradation of the structure, reduce operating costs, ensure most economical and technically efficient property management, extend operational life of the structure.

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